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(Interview published in the Wedding & Homes Magazine in November 1998)

Interview - The Sound Of Music

Michael Manduca is interviewed by James G. Galea.

Q:       When did you start taking an interest in music?

A:       I was always interested in music. I remember when I was about five years old I used to amuse the sisters at school by playing tunes from “The Sound of Music” on a mouth organ. We also had a piano at home, which my parents played occasionally, and I used to make up tunes on it. The piano has always remained my favorite instrument.


Q:       I have seen and heard you play the baby grand piano at the Weddings Fair 1996 and 1997. Is that your piano?

A:       No. That piano is made available to me in sponsorship by Brincat’s Piano Centre. Through this interview I forward my sincere thanks.


Q:       I have heard that at weddings, you play the keyboard synthesizer as well. What’s the difference?

A:       Where there isn’t a piano available, the keyboard synthesizer is a very good substitute. It also provides me with any backing I might need, from piano solo to full orchestra. At the mention of keyboard synthesizer some clients might imagine a lot of fancy electronic sound effects. You can use these effects only if you decide to, but at weddings I don’t use any sound effects at all. In fact I use only from eight to ten musical sounds in all and they are very faithful to the natural instrument sound.


Q:      What kind of music do you play?

A:      I play a kind of relaxing background music which creates an atmosphere at an event, obviously according to my clients’ requests. I wouldn’t want to play so loud that guests would have to shout at each other to be heard.


Q:       Apart from weddings, do you play at other occasions?

A:       I play regularly at hotels and clubs three to four times a week. This keeps me very busy, especially as most weekends are taken up by weddings.


Q:       Do you face any particular problems with your clients?

A:       No. I always consult them regarding what they want. I derive the greatest satisfaction when I see that the clients are satisfied and show me their appreciation. The mood is set by the bridal couple and the guests, and I do my best to go along with the mood they create, playing tunes which are appropriate to the occasion.


Q:       How do you proceed to take bookings?

A:       When I am contacted, I always invite the prospective clients to come and listen to me play. I generally establish a good, friendly rapport with clients, who finally end up treating me as one of the family. It is very important for me to get to know the bridal couple personally, as this enables me to choose the music according to character.


Q:       What about your personal life? For instance, are you married?

A:       Yes. I’ve been married to Monica for almost ten years. We have two children, Christine who is six and a half years old, and Adrian who is five.


Q:       Do you intend to teach them music?

A:       Why not?


Q:       What are your plans for the future?

A:       I want to find a way in which I can spend more time with my family. We see too little of each other as things are today.

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